Debt Ceiling: Here We Go Again

We knew the “super” committee in Congress to trim the deficit was doomed to fail before it even got started.  That outcome just got a little more certain today.  Speaker Boehner gave a speech today.

Greg Sargent culled two sentences from the speech that sum it all up.

  1. If we want to create a better environment for job creation, politicians of all stripes can leave the “my way or the highway” philosophy behind.
  2. Tax increases, however, are not a viable option for the Joint Committee.
Doesn’t that just put paid to any chance the committee had of doing anything?  You have to credit the Republicans with sticking to their guns.  But all they’re doing is screwing over the rest of us in their quest to keep the rich from paying anything more in taxes.  And screwing us all over in their quest to keep Obama to one term.
The Republicans keep saying that all we have to do is cut taxes and regulation and the economy, freed from its bonds, will come roaring back.  The problem is that trickle-down economics doesn’t work.  Obama’s job plan might help.  But it looks dead on arrival in Congress.
When are the Republicans going to stop with the blatant obstructionism and actually govern?

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