No Respect for Obama

I’m disgusted with the Republicans’ lack of respect for President Obama.  Like him or not, he is the president, duly elected by the people on November 4, 2008.  Even if your stated goal is to make President Obama a one-term president, you still need to show him and his office the respect they deserve.

Several Republican lawmakers are blowing off the speech.  Congressman Joe Walsh (Illinois) and Sen. David Vitter (Louisiana) had previously announced that they would not attend.  Senator Jim DeMint, Republican from South Carolina, is the latest say he’s not going to he’s not going to Obama’s speech to Congress tonight.  DeMint is “sick and tired of speeches” and won’t go because the president didn’t send over an advance, written plan.

Obama has no obligation to send him an advance copy of the plan.  DeMint, conversely, does have an obligation to be there tonight. 

Also, Speaker Boehner wouldn’t return Obama’s calls during the debt ceiling hostage taking.

Nobody returned the president’s call.

On Thursday afternoon, President Obama and House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) had discussed a sweeping agreement that would have averted default on the national debt. On Thursday evening, Obama called back to talk more.

The president left a message, and waited.

The tone in Washington has gotten worse and worse during the Obama presidency.  I’m sure that Obama bears some of this blame.  But the Republicans are more disrespectful than I’ve ever seen.  I don’t want to call it racism, but can someone give me a better alternative? 

 These are matters of common courtesy for the office even if you abhor the man.  When the President of the United States calls, you drop what you’re doing and get on the phone.  When the President of the United States gives a speech to a joint session of Congress, you drop what you’re doing, you get yourself there, and you act like you’re listening.  Anything less is blatant disrespect to the man and the office.

Until the tone improves – and that starts with respect – nothing will change in Washington.  Gridlock will continue.  Nothing will get done.  And America will continue as a nation in decline.

  1. Alan said:

    I admit that George W Bush did not get a lot of respect from people like John Stewart, and Keith Olberman. But elected, democratic senators, and congressmen did give Bush all the respect that the office deserved. I cannot help but to think about what the difference might be to cause these elected republican officials to disrespect the president…. What could it be?

    • Deanna said:

      It’s one thing for a late-night comedian to take shots at the president. That’s expected and goes with the territory. But elected officials have an obligation to be respectful of the office. There’s only one difference I can see, Alan. It’s the obvious one. I don’t want to charge racism. But where does the evidence take you?

  2. Ron said:

    I agree whole heartedly. It’s disgusting, and Romney goes even further. Not only does he disrespect the President, but he disrespects the middle class, and women. He has said it again and again and then tries back-peddaling out of his lies, which are already on record. No sitting President has ever had to endure the disrespect that Obama has. Republicans in Congress have been among the worst offenders, voting NO to anything and everything Obama proposed, stalling virtually all legislation and change for four years. Then Romney accuses Obama of failing in Congress to cross the aisle and work on compromise with Republicans. Compromise is a word that does not exist in Republican vocabulary. Even Romney’s son has little respect for Obama, stating he would like to knock him out or punch him or something. Many a truth is said in jest, if he claims he said it in jest. It shows his true feelings, just as his fathers true feelings were aired when he spoke of the 47 percent that he doesnt care about. The hard truth is that Romney does NOT care about the middle class, the under employed, those on social service assistance or women! It’s essential to the future of this country that Obama have 4 more years and then another Decmcratic President take over. A Republican in the Oval Office would be disasterous and a sure end to the middle class as we know it.

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