It’s Extortion, Pure and Simple

How much longer is this going to go on?  We are less than a week away from defaulting and there still isn’t a viable plan out there.  The president has offered things that make progressives gag and still the Republicans say no.  And Boehner has the gall to say that the president keeps moving the goalposts.  Nope, it’s extortion, and Boehner pretty much admitted it.

Do they think we’re stupid?  Does Boehner think that entitling his plan “The Two Step Approach to Holding President Obama Accountable” even comes close to putting the country first?  The House has forgotten to govern in all of this political bickering.  Osama bin Laden would be laughing at us.  We’re doing with internecine warfare what he could only hope to do – crumble America’s influence as a power in this world and the dollar as the basis for world finance.

It’s ridiculous and it’s criminal.  It’s time to grow up and start doing what’s best for America, not a future reelection campaign.  A lot of Americans are going to be in really bad financial shape – as if they weren’t already – if the United States defaults on its debts.

Don’t think for a second that I excuse Democrats for their complicity in this.  We would have had none of these issues if the Democratically-controlled Congress would have passed a budget and debt ceiling increase when they had control.  That said, the Democrats have been acting a lot more like adults than the three-year-olds in the Republican Party.  (And those in the Republican leadership should be ashamed for glomming onto the tea partiers as a path back to power.  They took the quick, easy path back to power.  And now we’re all suffering and stand to suffer a whole lot more.)

And through all this, we’re losing sight of the real problem: jobs.  If we put more people to work, tax receipts go up and the deficit goes down.  That seems pretty simple to me (and I know I oversimplified it).  But we’re forgetting this, just like we’re forgetting how to govern.  Ruth Marcus said it yesterday, Madison would indeed be aghast.

Since I wrote this post earlier today, the Republicans have failed to take a vote on the Boehner plan; they don’t have the votes to pass it.  What does it say when the speaker can’t get his caucus in line?  Weak.

  1. Alan said:

    What amazes me is all the people who voted against their own self interest out of anger.

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