Racism: Alive and Well in American Politics

According to the Los Angeles Times a GOP official apologized for email picturing Obama as a chimpanzee but refuses to resign), an Orange County, California, Republican official sent out an email with President Obama pictured as a chimpanzee.  Marilyn Davenport, apologized but said that she wouldn’t resign.

Apparently, some officials have asked for her resignation but “many Orange County Republicans” have asked her to stay on.

Very nice.  And the Republican Party wants us to believe that some of the most virulent opposition to Obama isn’t based on race?  Sorry.  I don’t buy it.  You can dismiss this as part of the lunatic fringe, but I don’t think so.  I think that this is a calculated attempt to rile up the base, to get the Republican faithful to donate copious amounts of cash so that war chests can be filled for next year’s elections.  And I’m sure it’s working, too.

This kind of thing should have no place in American politics.  It should have no place in American society in general, but I’m talking about politics and politicians.  How did things get so bad in this country that we have to stoke the hatred fires with ad hominem attacks?  I suppose it’s really nothing new, but it’s a sad state of affairs.  Attack the policies.  Attack the ideals.  Have a debate based on ideology or conservative vs. progressive values.  But this kind of thing has no place in a civilized society.

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  1. Alan said:

    Although I find the picture of Obama as an monkey, with his mother and father also as monkeys, very racist, it is hard for those on the left to get too upset. After all, I read a news blog regularly, entitled ‘The Smirking Chimp’. That web site started out as an anti-W web site, and I assume the smirking chimp they were referring to was GW Bush.

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